February 2003

  • February 25, 2003: Just as promised, ISPA member George Osborne sent the photo of N184WL (at the top of this page) along with the following comments:
    Attached find two photos of my nearly completed N184WL. Our first flight was made on February 14th, valentines day no-less, and was flawless. Plane flew hands-off with just a little rudder trim and no aileron trim. First flight was limited to 35 minutes as the sun was setting and we felt it best to make our first landing in the daylight. N184WL will be hangared at N99, Brandywine Airport in Westchester, PA. Hope to be at Fun n Sun.

    N184WL, the 55th Seawind to fly was built primarily by George and then finished and flown with the aid of Bowes Aviation. Don't miss the posts about the first flight on our "Hangar" discussion board. Congratulations George. Your three year completion time helps to keep the dream alive for those of us still struggling through the building process. George's other photo can be seen on the ISPA Home page.

  • February 23, 2003: The ISPA continues to get a lot of questions about the Seawind certification ad that is in the current issue of Kitplanes magazine. Sorry folks, I don't have any more information than was placed in the ad, but I appreciate your questions and observations. As ISPA editor, I think it would be premature, and therefore prefer not to post our member's and friend's letters about the subject at this time (as some of you have requested). It seems that there is an overall opinion that a considerable amount of flight testing (i.e., flutter testing, spin testing etc.) and possible subsequent design improvements would probably be required in order to meet certification requirements, even in Canada, and many feel that certification in the US seems out of the question. Well folks, we’ll just have to continue to watch and keep our ear to the ground. Just like everyone else, I am expecting some kind of press release from SNA any day now. Like all of you, I am looking forward to seeing the new SNA display at Sun-n-Fun, where I am sure that the prospective Seawind certification will be a lively and interesting topic. As we all know from the kit plane experience, patience and perseverance are essential.

    Those of you who are following the "Turbine Seawinds" page will want to review the latest update to the page. Included are some extremely nice photos, and some clarification and history as well. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the page. Fly safe.

  • February 15, 2003: ISPA member George Osborne sent the following email:

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Valentines Day - N184WL completed (well not really completed) first flight - exactly 3 years to the date that I signed the agreement with SNA. Will send a photo when I get the plane completed or when I get a photo in electronic format. I will eventually send you a short report about the plane.


What great news. Congratulations George, and thank you for your participation and contribution to ISPA

The "Turbine Seawinds" page has received a lot of interest. At the time it was posted I had vaguely remembered that someone was installing a Walter Turbine on a Seawind. I believe now I may be mistaken. Apparently, the Walter is a poor match for the Seawind. Some details about this were posted on the page today. ISPA members are seeking information about all Seawinds, and especially the turbines. If any of you can provide additions to the page, or know who might be installing a Walter, please let me know. I will be revising and updating the turbine Seawinds page in the near future.

Another of our members sent in the following: It may be of interest to you to know, WINGS OF HOPE based in St. Louis had 2 Seawinds which were supposedly donated as tax write-offs. One has been sold. They are a group that takes a/c brings them back to near new and sells them to enable them to buy C-206's which are used world wide for doctors, and missionaries. I don't know who the owners of the Seawinds were.

Thank you all for your continuing participation and support. Congratulations again George, and above all, fly safe.

  • February 5, 2003: An announcement in the latest issue of Kit Planes magazine states that the Seawind is being certified in Canada. This is great news for all Seawind owners and future owners. I just checked the SNA web-site and found no mention there. As soon as I get my issue of Kit Planes, and have more information, I'll post it here.