Will Frost

Received by ISPA: November 8, 2002

Will Frost sent the following note and photos to include in the registry. I am also including them here.

[We are] Presently working on the kit at Mike Bowes shop in Florida....we moved the plane there one year ago...Mary and I go every other month for two weeks and work on kit 117....with Mike and his staff advising and helping....we are getting a lot done. I would like to think we are more than half way complete.

Received by ISPA: November 10, 2002

Hi Brent [& ISPA],

We have some of Larry Sapp's plane and he doesn't mind if you use them (you can contact Larry at [ ]). The plane is completed now, but they were working on it while we were in Florida so we didn't get a picture that shows off the plane like it deserves. Hats off to him for his clever and unique scheme! George Osborne's plane is unique, too, but he prefers to wait until it is finished to share it. It's awesome!

Will and Mary