Links to some interesting and related sites.

Links to news story about Dean Rickerson's N6007. Includes picture with completed paint.

ISPA member Scott Devlin and Devlin Aviation

Television Series "Wings Over Canada"

Aircraft electrical information. (2 sites)

Highly recommended by several ISPA members, many of

whom are using starter and alternator systems from B&C Specialty Co.

This company purchased the rights to the Seawind model from Byron Model Co. They may resume design of the Seawind as a 1/6 scale model in spring, 2002. A 1/4 scale Seawind model appeared in Byron's catalog in the late 80s, but none were ever sold to customers.

Today's Pilot: Seawind Article

Aircraft Spruce

Resin, aircraft parts, pilot supplies, etc.

S.N.A., Inc.

Seawind North America
Box 607 Kimberton, PA 19442-0607
(610) 983-3377

Bowes' Aviation

Mike and Jody Bowes' builder center
1508 18th Ave Drive East Palmetto, FL 34221
(941) 723-0255

(Bowes' Aviation has completed more Seawinds than any other single builder center we know of.)

Devlin Aviation

Developing turbo-charging for Seawinds

Seawind Europe web site

Thank you Tony Irwin

The Seaplane Pilots Association

The ISPA suggests you join the SPA. They provide all of us with support. Their water landing directory is excellent.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Your voice in Washington. They also provide legal advice to members. Great magazine.


Aviation related information.


Even more aviation stuff. Great calendar of events section.


Trying hard to find out why bad things happen to good people.

Seawind partnership near Boca Raton, Florida? Go here:

McMaster Carr is a great source for tools.

See some of our member's sites below:

Arthur Piercy, South Africa. See his project at;

Brent Carlson, Ogden, Utah