April – June 2004

ISPA member Philip de Ridder's Seawind at Stave Lake (thank you Philip)

June 26, 2004: As those of you who read our hangar pages already know, ISPA member Leon Pesche has decided to install a Pratt and Witney PT6A-20 turbine engine on his Seawind. He has sent several photos to share that are shown below. You can click on the small photos below to see them full size. Then use your browser "back" button to return here. (Photos courtesy of Leon Pesche, Thank you Leon.)

From: Leon Pesche

To: [ISPA]

Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 10:09 PM

Subject: To " Dynamic Aviation" picking up PT6A-20

Hi Guys,

The time has come, to go and pick up my engine for the Seawind. The test run is foreseen for Monday. I like to be present to see the results, before putting the money on the table!

We have our ETD at 08:00 via the village kitchen for breakfast, followed by a visit at the Bank in Meredith picking up a bank/check, then road 104W to 93S Concord,NH direction "Keene" to Albany, capital of the State of NY. Then getting to 81S all the way to Scranton, PA -Harrisburg till Chambersburg, where we stay overnight in the 4Point Sheraton (717) 263-9191. The next day on Sunday the 13th we will visit Gettysburg and the Museum. In the evening we will be for two nights in the Harrisonburg Sheraton --Ph.(540) 433-2521) just 15 miles to Dynamic Aviation.

We hope to return the same way with the turboprop engine in a U-HAUL; mainly via 81N and staying one night in Scranton and be back here, on Thursday the 17th ore at the latest Friday. The WX seams to be nice with the exception, of scattered TS, down there for MON&THU with temp. around 28 deg. cel. the rest partly cloudy and sunny.

Wishing you all a nice Weekend, Jacky a. Leon

  • June 7, 2004: ISPA member Philip de Ridder sent the memo below, and the above photo of his Seawind at Stave Lake.

From: Philip G de Ridder

To: [ISPA Members]

Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 12:24 PM

Subject: Stave Lake, British Columbia

[Hello ISPA members],

A couple of pictures of Stave Lake, British Columbia. A short 10 minute ride from our Langley Base in the Vancouver area. Sea Level Lake with 7000 ' rocks. Still a little snow left, but with high run off right now there is a lot of shoreline junk floating on the surface.


Philip de Ridder

The other photos Philip sent are included below.

June 11, 2004: ISPA member Will Frost is nearing the 95% done, 95% to go stage in the construction of his Seawind at Bowes Aviation. He has sent the following photos and email about his autopilot installation. Note the craftsmanship of Will's work. Nice going Will. (Tthank you Will)

From: Frost, Wilfred R.

To: editor@seawindpilots.com

Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 7:15 AM

Subject: Auto Pilot Installation

I just installed the Blue Mountain auto pilot......both installations are similar......just prior to the bell crank that drives the controlling surface......aileron and elevator. Here are the pictures showing each installation........this may help other kit builders.

[Best regards,

Will Frost]

Scott Devlin | 1971 - 2004

  • May 23, 2004: Last Monday, those of us in the ISPA were stunned to learn of the tragic death of our long time member and friend Scott Devlin. Scott died in a plane crash on the evening of Sunday May 16, 2004. We have all lost a truly great friend. In his short time here, Scott made tremendous contributions to the aviation community with his gracious friendship and willingness to share his insight and ideas. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. He is gone from us, but we will never forget him.

    Heather has sent us Scott's obituary, included below. Thank you Heather.

    Scott Christopher Devlin, 33, of Camas, died in an airplane crash near Tenino, WA on May 16. Scott, a local of 5 years, was born Mar. 20, 1971 in Dunlap, TN and grew up in a large family with half a dozen kids.

    A graduate of Spartan School of Aeronautics, Scott took a job with Rocky Mountain Helicopters doing maintenance for Life Flight. He was considered a Journeyman Mechanic and therefore traveled across the country for many years.

    A motorcycle accident ended this career, after which he settled in the Northwest. Tired of being tied to his employer's apron strings, he set out to start his own business, Devlin Aviation LLC, in Aug. of 1999. Not only did he repair and maintain aircraft, but he also built and flew them. Flying and building were his greatest loves.

    This business opened the door for Scott's generous personality and allowed him to touch the lives of many people. One of these became the love of his life. In Feb. 2002 he married Heather, and later they were blessed with two children.

    On a business related flight from Camas to his alternate shop in Friday Harbor, a mid-air collision took the life of this husband, father, and beloved friend. He is survived by his wife Heather, his daughter Christabelle, and his son Niall. A memorial service is planned for June 1 at 10:30 am at the Riverside Seventh Day Adventist Church in Washougal.

    Memorial contributions can be made at US Bank, Scott C. Devlin Memorial Fund.

ISPA member Wally Weller's Seawind nearing completion May 2004 (Photo courtesy of John Ricciotti, thank you John)

  • May 23, 2004: ISPA member John Ricciotti sent the above photo of Wally Weller's Seawind which is nearing completion.

  • May 16, 2004: This page will take a few seconds to load. ISPA member John Ricciotti sent the following photos (from Sun-n-Fun 2004) of the mockups for the promised certified Seawind 300C. They are included here in viewable size so those of us who couldn't attend can take a close look. Also included is a photo of the annunciator panel in N46SW. Thank you John.

Panel and Yoke Design

Retractable Inboard/Outboard Water Motor

New Seat Base Design

N46SW Annunciator Panel

ISPA member Mike Bowes has recently sold his Seawind. He has given us the following tips about the process for those wishing to sell theirs. Be open to trades. Also, the money from the sale of your Seawind may be subject to capital gains tax. Make sure to save all of your receipts and keep careful records of your costs. You cannot take credit for your own labor in building your Seawind. Thank you Mike.

  • April 24, 2004: Following last September's ISPA fly-in at Bowes Aviation, we set up the page about recent fuel system installations including the dual fuel pump arrangement. Mike Bowes has sent us the photo at the right showing ISPA member Dick Wolf's installation. One of Mike's dual header tanks can be seen along the left side of the photo.

  • Mike also provides the following text: "As always, a picture is worth a few hundred words, and this view of the Airflow Performance dual fuel pump and filter installation in a seawind is pretty much self-explanatory. The location is right side of the tail-cone with the right side of the photo being direction aft.

    The incoming fuel line (coming from the Andair selector valve) rises up from under floor in lower left of photo. The outgoing, 25 psi line (going to the engine) is in the upper right corner. Incoming fuel hits the cleanable filter first, a good thing, and then on to the pumps. Fuel regulator bypass pressure is routed back to the incoming line ahead of the filter by means of a "T" fitting inserted in the vertical incoming line. Note there is a reducer bushing that changes the 3/8" pressure bypass line to 1/2" tubing immediately before the "T".

    This is an example of one man's solution to the installation challenge. By all means, if you can improve on this, do so. It's a neat, compact, installation using sweeping curves of tubing and thereby eliminating a great number of additional fittings which might otherwise have been used. All components are easily visible and accessible for leak-checking and service, from time to time. Right site, left side of tail-cone doesn't really matter. You choose where you want to put it.

    Hope this helps those of you who have decided to build in this equipment."

    Mike, chief fuel plumbing guy, N369JB

  • April 20, 2004: ISPA members had a great gathering again this year at Sun-n-Fun. An event that is becoming traditional is the dinner hosted by ISPA members Ed and Mary Lou Lynch. Many thanks to Ed and Mary Lou for setting this up each year.

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