Old Newsletter Archive

This logo was developed by the Creelman's, the original developers of the Seawind. It first appeared in their early newsletters
(circa 1987).

Our organization, the International Seawind Pilots Association (ISPA), was founded by some early builders in Canada. Dick Adams was our first editor and president. In the beginning, the ISPA provided communication among the builders by these printed newsletters. There is still a bunch of useful information here, although, some of the information has been superceded by better information.

In this section of our site, we are making these early newsletters available for historical (or is it hysterical) reasons, and for your use and entertainment. Please use this information carefully and validate it's accuracy. The ISPA makes no stated or implied guarantee of the accuracy of this information in any way. Use at your own risk.

The newsletters are provided in various formats. The content that shows directly in your browser as text has been derived from Dick Adams' original text files. They are included here with a minimum of editing. I have changed the spacing in some instances, but no other changes have been made. The thumbnail pages were scanned from mailed copies of the newsletters. The later newsletters (98 thru 2001) are provided in PDF format, and are handled a little differently, as described on the 98-01 index tab.

It appears that early in 1994 and 5, Dick had not yet commenced consecutive page numbering throughout all the letters. This, coupled with the fact that I do not yet have all of the newsletters, may make it confusing to establish continuity. If you have any of the newsletters I am missing, and would be willing to provide them, please let me know so I can arrange to get a copy from you.