John Ricciotti

The following letter and pictures were received from John on November 30, 2003:

From: John Ricciotti

To: [ISPA]

Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003

Subject: Control panel cover & water rudder notes

Hi Brent,

Just a quick note to follow up on the post [997] I just made on the control panel cover that Graham Woodd can make in his Seattle shop.

I've attached a picture of the finished part below.

I would also like to submit some photos of a different water rudder design that I learned from Scott Devlin. It uses an extra bulkhead to make the entire pulley area watertight and not worry about snorkel tubes and such. I will write up a lengthy letter of what I have learned if you want to post it in the builder's tips area.



Graham Wood holding the glare shield that he fabricates for the Seawind. Wally Weller's Seawind can be seen in the background.

John's water rudder installation. Note, the additional BHs at the top isolate the control cables and tiller pulley from the water well.

View of water rudder BH looking up from underneath.

Received by ISPA: October 30, 2002. Included here because I thought all of you would enjoy John's great photos.

Hi Brent,

I just recently filled out the registry form for my Seawind kit #152. I would like to include a picture of it below in case you want to add it to the registry. Also I've include a picture of the wooden form I used to set the MLG retract panels.

The registry is such a great idea. I'm very pleased [with] the website, lots of new interesting ideas.


John Ricciotti

Received by ISPA: November 8, 2002

John sent the following photos of the MLG fixtures he will loan out to you.