Splash-In 2002

On September 14 and 15, 2002 a few of us got together in Manteo, NC for some discussion, sharing of ideas, and builder tips. These splash-ins were started by SNA a few years back. They are essential for those of us who are actively building Seawind kits.

A few pictures of the event and the Manteo area are shown below.

The lunch group on Saturday September 14.

More of lunch, the Manteo Airport, Keith and No. 80, Mike and Jody

Mike and Jody, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, Brent with the Gravedigger (since my SW isn't done)

Mike and Jody, Jack and George in the "Lake," a very LOW and fast pass.

A group photo. From left: Keith Walljasper, Art Culver, Mark Maloney, Ed Lynch, Mike Bowes, Jack Ardoyno, George Osborne, Tom Saccio, Brent Carlson. Then, Art gets underway, Bye.