December 17, 2000

The Seaplane Pilots Association has an outstanding program in place for opening up more waters to seaplane use. Please support the SPA in it's efforts. More info on the program can be found at http://www.seaplanes.org/advocacy/openwaters.htm

October 27, 2000

Mike Bowes reports great progress on his airplane. His engine is now hung, prop installed, wings wired, plumbed and closed, instrument panel sent out to Steve Ryan for fabrication and avionics wiring. Good work, Mike.

October 19, 2000

Word has it that Arnie Tanzman's got most of his initial hours flown off. Everything's going well except for a head-scratcher of a hydraulic problem. More on this as soon as we can get the information for you.

October 19, 2000

We just had a nice call from Ed Glanovsky. He's back from his sea voyage to New England. His Seawind project is still for sale at SRQ (See Classifieds). Ed lost his medical and the FAA is not making it easy to get back. We wish you the best Ed. Keep in touch!

Arnie Tanzman's N711AT First Flight in Sarasota

October 5, 2000

At 1:45 pm Thursday afternoon, retired American Airlines captain Arnie Tanzman's brand new Seawind launched off Runway 32 at Sarasota and headed out over the Intracoastal Waterway at 1000'. Pilot Mike Bowes flew N711AT for the next 1.1 hours in the vicinity of SRQ staying over watercourses as a precautionary measure. Arnie flew the airplane during part the flight doing steep turns and checking the effects of raising and lowering gear and flaps.

It was a 90 degree F day and oil temperature was steady at 193 during the cruising part of the flight. The pilots noted an indicated airspeed of 165 mph at 24 squared. Once trimmed out, the aircraft exhibited no tendency to roll or otherwise. Another hands-off flyer from the word go! This is the eighth Seawind to emerge from Bowes' builder assistance center. Arnie did much of the work himself and deserves full credit for a beautiful job.

The aircraft features a freshly overhauled 10-540 by Zephyr Engines, freshly overhauled Hartzell 3- blade by Santa Monica Propeller, a full UPS Technologies Apollo stack (as seen on the back cover page of Trade-a-Plane), a one-piece instrument panel crafted by Steve (Ultimate Arrow) Ryan and fabric interior by Chris Lovegrove at Mod Works. High gloss Sikkens automotive paint graces the exterior, done by Dennis Brunton in the Bowes facility. This Seawind is stunning in its all-over white with navy and gray trim striping. This aircraft was built "by the book" and initial impressions are that it is a superb flyer. One of Arnie's first comments as he took the controls was, "I'm going to love flying this airplane."

We have word that Joe Grimaud's Seawind's engine failed on climbout. He had to put it into the trees but walked away with only scratches. We're glad you're OK, Joe.

Click here to see the initial report to the FAA.

The Seawinder Splash-In was a great success. Here's a link to a report...http://www.seawind.net/seawind/splashin.htm

FAA Emergency AD #2000-18-53 issued for Lycoming piston engines, including the IO-540. See Recent Letters for more info, or go to http://av-info.faa.gov .

Some members suggested that we remove the background color theme on The Hangar, our message board system, to make for easier reading. You ask, we listen. It's done.

Phil DeRidder reports that he is extremely pleased with his new Seawind. It is completely factory stock and flies just great.

Art Culver's Seawind wins Reserve Grand Champion Amphibian at Oshkosh!! Congratulations Art!!!! Photos soon...

By popular request, the editor has added a public "Recent Letters" page to the web site. All letters and emails to the editor will be published solely at the editor's discretion, and may be edited for brevity. Names withheld by request only.

SNA reports, "...business is great." Construction slots filled through year's end.

The Blue Sky Associates new Seawind in Boca Raton flies! According to the report the first flight was perfect. See the full report at http://www.blueskyassoc.com. Congratulations!

Joe Grimaud's new Seawind (N98GG) won "Best Amphibian" at Sun 'n Fun! Here's a hearty clap on the back, Joe. Well done, Sir. Outstanding effort.

1st Annual Seawinder Splash-In in North Carolina planned for September. Click here for details.

May 20, 2000

Seawind/S.N.A. will have new facilities at Chester County Airport! See the details at the S.N.A. website.

May 1, 2000

Great article on the Seawind in Custom Planes magazine's May 2000 issue. Check it out!