Ed Lynch

The following pictures were received from Ed during the September 2003 fly-in in Sarasota.

The photos above and below show ISPA member Ed Lynch and his Seawind in September 2003. Ed gave me these photos at the 2003 fly-in. I didn't get the name of Ed's helper. (Thank you Ed)

The following pictures were received from Ed in April, 2003.

Nav & Glide-slope Antennas in wing, Ed's shop, & Engine mount glassed in & duct installation

The following pictures were received from Ed in December, 2002.

The following letter, written by Ed Lynch to SNA , tells them about the events at the Splash-in. | September 20, 2002

Dear Dick,

Last weekend, ten of us builders gathered at Manteo. I'm sorry you couldn't make it but I wanted to let you know we all missed you, and did a lot of Seawind "stuff," but no splashing." The wind kept us high and dry. Not even very high - no one flew. We had three Seawinds and a Lake show up: Art Culver, Mike and Jody Bowes, and Keith Walljasper had their Seawinds, and Jack Ardoyno flew his lake. Brent and Katie Carlson came all the way from Salt Lake City. Tom and Sandy Saccio, Mark and Lori Maloney, Fred Lohr, George Osborne, and Mary Lou and I all had a great time.

The active builders looked hard at the Seawinds, took pictures, and asked questions. We had a lively discussion about most aspects of building the plane. Some the topics covered were:

Site and time for next year's splash in - maybe a more central site: Lake of the Ozarks or mid western spot in hopes to lure more participants. Manteo weather didn't fill the bill, so maybe earlier would be better. Build times and projected finish dates: I'm at 1300 hours, and plan to finish and attend Sun'nFun 2004.

Brent Carlson is taking over the ISPA website from Rod Teel. We had a lively discussion on the future direction of the site, and Brent plans to organize it into a real builder's forum and support SNA and its efforts to contribute to the builder's manual, support the builders with good information, and to support Seawind, SNA by providing positive real world info to prospective Seawind buyers / builders.

All in all, we had a very productive weekend - of course it would have been more so with your input. With that in mind, the plan is to make you and Paul Marshall honorary members to encourage your input.

That's about it. Next time I'm in Pennsylvania, I'll stop by to say hello.

Best regards,

Ed Lynch