Pitot Tube

08-18-2009, 06:49 PM

Mike | Default Pitot Tube

On the land the pitot tube placement is not an issue, well almost no issue. On the water the placement is an issue. Over the past few weeks my bird and I have been in the water many, many times. The tube was located on the nose where lots of water over the nose on takeoff proved to be a bad place. I moved the tube the other day to the underside of the port wing. Wouldn't you know over this past weekend some of the waves were finding there way into the pitot tube.

So the 50 million dollar question......Where is the best place for the pitot tube?

Can't put it behind the prop.

Cant put it in front of the prop on the canopy.

Can't put it on the nose.

Can't put it under the wing.

So what's left...?

On top of the wing?

At the end of the stablizer?

On or in the sponson?

Fred Lohr | Default


i have mine just inboard of the port sponsoon under the wing. I have not had any trouble with water, but i do stay out of the really big waves these days. Mine has some very small drainage holes towards the back of the pitot tube which may be helping with whatever small amount of water gets in. It would be a pretty sizeable wave to reach up and dunk that area and it does not get a lot of spray out there. Most seawinds i see have the same location.