3341 One Hung Low, A Curiosity

07-06-2008, 10:02 AM

tthunne | Default 3341 One Hung Low, A Curiosity

My four sponson halves all have the dark grey gel coat and three of them have the brownish foam. The third, which is the top starboard half has the green foam interior. What is curious is that the green foam half is 37% heavier than the brownish foam port top half. It is not obvious what accounts for this significant weight difference but it must be the gel coat and resin and perhaps additional glass. The foam is of identical thickness and even if it was twice as thick it would not account for the weight difference. I guess I will have to keep some residual fuel in the other sponson or sit off center if I ever finish this thing and get to fly it!

Leonpesche | Cool Sponson weight differences


If I understand it right, the wing will be havier on the STBD side?

This is OK, because the SW's problem while fflying, it tends to be allways unbalanced, fuelwise to the Port side. So it will compensate this problem. Also for countering the torque of the PROP, its better to be right wing heavy. That's what I was told by Dick Silva, in 1994 in OSH, when I flew with him, and he was nervous being leftwing heavy.

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