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11-20-2009, 03:20 PM

Planemakers | Barry Mount Part Numbers

Hi Guys,

John J here from Planemakers. For the first time in my carrer as a Seawind guy I have come accross a Dynafocal I motor mount. It is the one that requires that the engine have the mounting lugs with the 1 3/8" holes and the smaller Barry Mounts.

We have been using Barry Part Number 94011-20 for the Dynafocal II Mounts with the 2" holes.

According to an application chart found on the Aircraft Spruce site Barry has a part number listing for the Seawind 300C with a part number: 96156-01.

I called ACS and asked them if they carried this part number and they said no but they could special order it. He also said he didn't know what size it was. I don't want to special order (read, non-refundable) parts unless I know they will work.

Does anybody know if the 96165-01 part number is for the Dynafocal I mount?

If not, then what is the part number?

Thanks in advance,

John J

12-23-2009, 01:23 PM


The Dynafocal I Barry mounts are part #94110-02