Main gear hydraulic cylinder seals

06-04-2011, 09:27 AM

Mike | Main gear hyraulic cylinder seals

The original cylinders were control line. They may be hard to get now.

The EVANSBURG TOOL cylinders are on mine and newer ones.

The part #'s you need for the seals are as follows:

Main Gear Cylinder rebuild kit:

568-014 – oring on rod shaft

TP-011 – piston oring with kippers

568-024 – end cap oring

575-024T – end cap Teflon ring

U12-0.50.25T – U shaped seal for piston rod (need to press out brass bushing to replace)

Thanks to John Plane makers & John Parks you made it real easy. My local hydraulics place were able to get them in one day.

Mike Reibling