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04-23-2011, 05:53 AM

Mike | Hyd Pump

Thanks - I also found the info on line - It's a Parker 108 series pump .190 - they have Distributors in various locations around the country - I found a distributor in Sacramento, Calif -

06-02-2011, 03:49 PM


From Fred

yes, i replaced mine about two years ago. It is Oildyne 108 series pump. You have to specify the pressure range and a few other things if i recall. here's a link http://www.mviinc.com/oildyne/default.htm

06-02-2011, 03:52 PM


I spoke with Brian (763-531-3513) the tech rep for Parker-Oildyne today.

Parker Oildyne Pump

After some time we came up with the part number 108AEC19-CWW-1V-15-00 for the pump. The $ thru him (customer service) $635.00.

* Permanent Magnet Motor

* Internal Check Valve

* 46 Cubic Inch Reservoir

* Reservoir Is Vented Thru New Style Cap

* Aeroshell Fluid 4 (yellow can - red stuff) Compatable With Seals

The reservoir is vented and since it has the vent hole in the top of the filler cap it will suck in water. Parker does not make a pump that is not vented for this application.

A while ago Russ thought about using the reservoir for the brake reservior also. Since the reservoir is vented, it could be used. The only problem I see is if a seal in the assembly broke upon landing pressurizing the reservoir to 1500psi the brakes might be applied. What's the chance..?

Parker Manual Bypass Gear Valve

Part Number S7HP-3-H-12-B (With Handle) $465.00

Part Number S7HP-3-N-00B (No Handle, Supply Your Own Bar) $425.00

I noticed a few "old" posts re: the operation of the manual valving. Yes Tom you are right, the proper switch has to be pushed/toggled and the proper valve has to be energized in order to put either the gear or flaps up/down; then pump till you get tired, usally around 50 strokes. This could be an issue in some planes. The flap switch is a momentary "hold" down to put the flaps down. Try holding the switch down while pumping the valve and flying the plane.

I have attached a word file below (click on it) that shows the diagram of how my plane is plumbed. Note: Only the gear can be manually raised/lowered.

I have not looked anywhere else for better pricing, although I am sure it can be found.

Parker Accumulator

From Old Post - Part Number A2N0015D1k $??