Nose Gear

05-04-2011, 12:10 PM

Tom Saccio | Nose Gear

I need some help. My nose gear is moving on its own without me hitting any buttons. If it's dirt in the system that is causing it, How do I go about cleaning the system of any junk that might have accumulated in it? Do I have to take the valve body apart or is there an easier way?

Tom Saccio

05-06-2011, 07:17 AM

mike reibing | hydraulics issue

Tom, I have just pulled out my hydraulic manifold and sent it back to Wandfluh.

Mine has one of the landing gear poppet stuck open.

I think you have to get pretty lucky to clear them out manually. I think when something gets under the seat it gets rammed into they poppet body because of the high pressure and isn’t easily removed.

I set up a pump on the bench and ran varsol through mine for over an hour before I gave up and sent it away. It takes a special tool to take out the poppet. They are press fit in. The steering valve body is a little different it has a floating valve that moves back and forth. There is a guy by the name of Jim Brooks at Wandfluh 847-566-5700 who is very helpful guy. He told me they don’t have any new assemblies but he could rebuild / change the poppets in mine in a day. Rough quote of about $450 per section. I also talked to John Parks who recently had a problem and he was able to purchase a new section from SNA for even less. They are easy to replace / exchange I took it out in about 1 hour. Just make sure you label all of the solenoids. If yours is the same as mine the first / outside section is steering then flaps then gear. If you have any questions call me.

Office – 306-352-3337

Cell – 306-539-3313

p/n MS-M4303-ACB-P-S04 – This is the P/N for the flaps and gear valve bodies.

The steering section is different the C in the part # I think is a D but Jim could confirm that or use a mirror the part number tag is on the bottom.

Wandfluh of America - 847-566-5700

909 East High Street

Mundelein IL,


05-07-2011, 05:21 AM


You all might want to think about replacing the old for something new since parts might not be available for the old. I thought I saw somewhere that a new part number replaced the old valves. You might want to touch base with Planemakers.