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02-02-2012, 11:27 PM

Russ Kotlarek | Back to Oleos

Looking for input. I picked up a Lake version of the Seawind Oleo after measuring the new version of the Lake Oleos to find they are virtually identical in every aspect of the outside dimension. That together with all the issues I have heard I thought maybe it would be a great answer as the Lake Oleo have been very reliable. Damn expensive but reliable.

Any thoughts outside of the actual fit I might wish to consider? depression rate perhaps?

Obviously they will handle the weight in every form so that is not a concern it does not appear. The lake application is very similar only taking the weight of the aircraft from the main gear leg to the swing arm but the entire weight bears on it directly.

They are on and standing on them currently now that I got it off it's cradle. All seems well. It did feel pretty funky as it wobbles on the Oleos from side to side pretty easily without wings to somewhat balance it out and add balance mass. But it still looks pretty good.

Any input seriously appreciated!


02-06-2012, 12:11 AM

Russ Kotlarek | Lake Oleo's installed

The Lake Oleo's worked beautifully. Virtually the exact same dimensions overall from the inner tube to the outer and length bolt hole to bolt hole is matchable to the original Seawind Oleo's without any modification. Main difference is on my Lake Amphib they have never been a problem and the smallest leak I had in 20 years of owning it was a quick replacement of O-Rings that took about an hour each.

They do weigh a few ounce more than the Seawind Oleos, but if they perform as well on the Seawind as my Lake it may be well worth it.

Attached are a few photos of the net result when they are installed. BTW these were old new stock at $300 each. Normally if I recall correctly they are $1800 each new but periodically they are findable on the secondary market for a decent price.

The part Number is 2-4102-201

Russ Kotlarek

02-07-2012, 07:49 PM

Fred Lohr

thats really interesting russ. what pressure are they rated for? I think a new oleo from Alan Stadlin at evansburg tool is a lot less than 1800, but the reliability issue is a good selling point. Do they have the same amount of travel?

Now please find a replacement for the front oleo which has been my nemesis.

02-10-2012, 11:06 AM

keithw | Oleo's

Hi Russ Back 11 years ago when I was putting my gear system together some had problems with the Oleos blowing apart. Note - These were the std SNA kit supplied oleos. Mike Bowes had a co. make steel pistons to replace the alu ones. He sold them for a nominal $ amt. and so I put them In mine and are in the oleos yet to day. The other addition that I have religiously used is Grainville oil additive. No leaky. Great The pressure is about 650/750 psi. Note I fill with nitrogen at psi that allows for some deflection at gross. Note -- a point that is worth mentioning is that I have installed a adjustable flow valve in the line that restricts the rate on the gear down position. This avoids the gear SLAMMING down and tearing up the inside of the oleo. That sudden stop was, I beleive was alot of the orig. prob. Keith Walljasper N80CC