Poppet Valves

06-13-2009, 10:23 PM

Kiwi | Poppet Valves

We have just upgraded C-GAKA with the Poppet Valves. Always had the the pump cycling and it was time after 9 Years and 1100 hours. Our pump was also part of the problem as it was bypassing internally. (After the upgrade it would run continuously over 1000 lbs and not recover from 600 lbs while in use until the gear was up) Just installed a loaner pump from a Seawind friend and we now have 1200 psi, recovers @ 900 lbs and the system has no leaks.

No room under the glare shield for the defroster can with the new valves.. will have to modify. Also added some ballast as the unit is 11.5 lbs


06-02-2011, 02:31 AM


Kiwi: What are the poppet valves source & part no.s? I tried to get this info out of Dick S. and got no answer. I've a very early kit (Len Creelman) and have only the spool valves & no pumps.