Bow Thruster / Motor / Engine

05-16-2009, 05:58 PM

Mike | Bow Thruster/ Motor/ Engine

While doing another backup of the old website software I noticed a picture I have never seen before. I belive this is Seawinds version of the Bow Thruster / Motor / Engine........

Any coments...?

06-18-2009, 08:03 PM

bcarlson | Bow Thruster, Yes.

Hi Mike. You've got it.

This photo was sent to me from Sun-N-Fun in 2004. I was editing the site at that time and attempted to gather news to include on the "News Page" of the site. I believe I also had put this on a page about SNF-04.

Dick Silva had put a lot of engineering and design effort into this retractable trolling motor design and it looked like an excellent option for docking and slow water maneuvering. He has described the system in his newsletters somewhere on his company Seawind site, and I'm sure with a little searching you will find the system description and the story about the development.

I'm also sure that Paul Marshall would remember this and have a lot of info about it. Paul was involved with everything in the SNA shop.

Because he had so much R&D into it, and his prototype worked well, I'm sure that Dick will offer this as an option on the certified Seawind when it becomes available. If he does, I hope he will also make it available to kit owners. It's a slick system. Thanks for the reminder...

Fly Safe,