Seawind Water Training

07-15-2014, 06:57 AM

deastis | Seawind Water Training

N242PK is back in the water! After months of "wishing" to try 242PK out in the water, I got my wish when I bribed Russ Kotlarek with wine, women, and song to come down to Atlanta from Wisconsin....actually he brought his lovely friend, Jennette along. We started out in Lake Wedowee. I was very pleased with the way she landed. My hull has been modified from the original and Russ and I were curious how it would handle. It is also a heavier airplane (2950 empty). The first takeoff attempt was a learning experience and a confidence builder in what the Seawind (and Russ) is capable of. We were able to get it airborne at 3700#s and after several versions of flap/throttle adjustments, a very acceptable configuration has been established.

This would not have happened without Russ. He showed me some serious pilot skills and ability to problem solve while plowing around the lake. I also would still be grounded with a broken nose gear oleo eye bolt that he ingeniously tied together to taxi to the hanger and repair.

If you are needing some help with the water, I highly recommend trying to talk Russ into helping....hope you are OK with me volunteering you Russ!

David Eastis N242PK

07-15-2014, 10:29 AM

Tony Jurcan | Seawind Water Training


Good to hear about your success on the water. Could you describe or post pictures of your modifications to your Hull?

Tony Jurcan

08-05-2014, 03:05 AM

Russ Kotlarek | Fun on the Water

I enjoyed the time as much as David did. As for his bribes please note I do not drink Wine, had to bring my own Women (I know a surprise), and have you ever heard David Sing?! LOL

Seriously flying 242PK on water came with a number of surprises. Although it has a greater tendency to start to porpoise it is easily overcome by a slight reduction in power as it crests onto the step. The AMAZING part of flying this hull on the step is its capability of making a step turn as sharply as a Lake Renegade. Just shy of my EP it was a sheer delight to maneuver on the water. If I could incorporate this hull design in my plane without adding 100lbs and worse yet six months time I would do so !!!

David and his wife Mary K were simply amazing hosts, BTW NEVER have a golf off with Mary K for you will lose!

Thank you for ALL your hospitality, and I encourage anyone passing through the Northern Atlanta area to stop and visit for they once again are proof that the Seawind draws the best of people. Indeed Mary K and David are a beautiful addition to our community.