3339 Canadian Outpost Flying

06-26-2008, 10:37 AM

Russ Kotlarek | 3339 Canadian Outpost Flying

For those done and flying especially off water(or access to a land plane too) a good friend and outfitter in Canada is having the first annual WAWA Canadian fly in.

We are hping this will start with excellent attendance and row beyond that. For those who recall my presentation last summer Canada has some unbelievable flying!

On August 22nd 13 Miles SE of WAWA Ontario Camp Anjigami http://www.duenorth.net/campanjigami/ will be hosting this fly in. They have plenty of space in cabins and in addition is inviting those who wish to tent.

The rates are insainly cheap and the area is near my cabin and I assure yo the flying is beyond expectation.

For those bound to Land only I will personally make sure we can get you to the camp if I have to fly into WAWA to get you CYXZ is the identifier.

a trip that is easy to make (Requires a passport) Customs is far easier than down south, and you will be breath taken by the flying, fishing, and accomidations.

If you would like further information, email me kotlarek@thepark.net and I will email back the flier with the schedule, rates, and so on.