2 Potters Clay

06-13-2000, 03:31 AM

Fred Lohr | 2 Potters Clay

Fellow members; Just wanted to check in and make it known that I'm willing to share information about building a seawind. I have kit 114 and I'm 90% finished and only 90% left to go! Engine is on, wiring in still need to finish and prime, still no panel. I've learned a lot and I'm still learning Here's an idea I just figured out last week. If you need to make a part, potter's clay makes a great form for subsequent layups. For example the fairings around the exhaust pipes can be laid up right onto the aft upper cowling if you first build up and shape around the pipes with clay. I wanted about 1" clearance all around to help with heat and air flow. You can cover the pipes with plastic wrap, shape the clay till it's perfect, clean and prep diligently on the cowling, and then layup 3 or 4 ply with high temp resin. It's no problem to pull the piece off once it sets and the clay cleans right off. I tried to do this with foam but it's faster to add stuff and redo with clay. later Fred

11-06-2000, 04:33 AM

captrod | 3 Excellent Idea

Fred, Excellent idea! Thanks so much for the info. This is the kind of thing I hoped would happen on this web site, good info shared by good people. Thanks again. Rod