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06-18-2010, 12:52 PM

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Hi Guys,

Now that John's airplane is done and Chad's is almost done. We have a little room in the shop for another project. If you would like some help or you know anybody that would like some help, let us know or have them give us a call.


Thanks and have a great weekend,

John J

03-17-2012, 01:43 PM


Dear John

We contacted you several times last fall, for some guidance on details for dry fitting som parts in hull, we have F/B kit # 127 with all factory options, have not been able to get the missing pieces from gentleman in California, we bought it from, he did not do correct inventory, I maybe niave, but quite busy with task out and back took him for his word that every thing was closed up in the Hull, any way have contacted Mike at ISPA and now to you. Guess I have to offer this kit up to the seawind community for the best outcome of parts and money spent, some closure for me and allow someone else to fullfil a dream or repairs..

Please reply with thoughtsideas, offer???

Maybe forward a phone # and time we could call ya at you leisure,

Thanks very much for your caring and help before, we worked for EAL in the 60's, ran college park aiprort at same time , rebuilding and flying plane, then started and ran a business till 95, then a buddy from CP wound me up again, got a Cardinal to rebuild, now done and the seawind kit, body now is 69 and im still a kid but am looking to cleanup involvements, wife does not care to fly and I have different responsibilities now, there is stuff and people and people are getting more important to me.

Forgive the story, I come to ya in spirit

would like to find the kit a good home thru ya..........

we figured from the guy and reciepts, he bought 4 kits, paid something like ??? 95,000 for kit, is that correct, We gave in Cash and value 50-55,000 and thought it was a good ecomomic exchange, then found pieces missing and that it is probably the biggest task I would have ever taken on, the seawind takes what you guys have a community I learned....

Hope to hear from ya

Peace and thanks John

Pete Peek

Cell 301-335-6869 home 301-262-8989