60 - Seawind For Sale From Factory

12-08-2004, 10:19 AM

Mike | 60 - Seawind For Sale From Factory

Posted by Seawind North America on August 12, 2004 at 11:39:25:


SNA is no longer manufacturing kits. We are supporting Builders in completing their projects and supplying spare parts that may be needed.



We have available the following because the owner has decided to purchase the Certified Seawind 300C. Call for pricing and details: Complete Seawind Kwick Kit with additional services, light weight longerons, and pre-machined flight control package. Other options are still available.



The Seastar prototype will be transferred to SNA in April 2005 to be sold for the best offer in “as-is” condition. The following applies:

Seastar prototype amphibian aircraft, with a 600 HP Walter engine with less than 1500 hours since IRAP. Aircraft will have a fresh annual. Total time on airplane is about 200 hours.


1. The structure including: hull, wings, tail, canopy, landing gear and the like;

2. Turbine engine and propeller;

3. Instruments: Electric artificial horizon, electric directional gyro, altimeter, rate of climb indicator, turn and bank indicator, Electronic International engine gauges, airworthy and operable torque gauge, Garmin Audio Panel, Garmin 430 GPS, Garmin 327 Transponder, electric flaps, electric landing gear, five seat leather and vinyl interior, Garmin glide slope, Localizer, VOR with indicator tied to the Garmin 430.

4. Flight Demonstration: Four hours of flight demonstration time (in motion) are provided by original manufacturer after delivery.

SNA, Inc. gives no warrantee.

Seastar guarantees that the airframe, power plant, and all equipment will be in good working order.

Contact SNA Inc. (www.seawind.biz) for more information about the items above.