Seawind brake problem

04-19-2011, 08:01 PM

mike reibling | Seawind Brake Problem

I think I found something that would qualify for an AD on a certified plane.

Last night I was doing my annual.

I was working on my brakes and found the pads I replace about 80 hours ago, have completely separated from the shoes. The bond was gone completely. I was very lucky to catch it.

I have the new style Matco 5 piston per side type.

Mike….At the splash in last year we talked about putting something on the website in regards to these kinds of things. I think it could be very helpful if we had an area that we could post issues in a condensed uncluttered way. Now that some of the Seawinds are getting higher time on them, new first time issues are bound to happen more often.

It would be nice if all could get a heads up on what to look out for before they fail.

Perhaps these could be posted in order of hours on the aircraft to keep them organized?

Anybody any thoughts??????

04-20-2011, 07:24 AM


We can put the issues under the "Sams" section of the forum.

Jack had mentioned that we should form a group to look at the problems and publish the results. I am all for that.......

04-20-2011, 02:45 PM

Ed Lynch | Brake Lining Separation

I found the same thing last annual (#2), and the amazing thing is that my brakes were still working perfectly! What actually failed was the bonding adhesive- the friction material ring (lining) was intact, and obviously still providing enough friction to work. A possible cause? How about taxiing into cold water with hot brakes? Thermal shock beyond what the adhesive was designed to handle? Matco was pleased to send me new parts reasonably. Ed

09-29-2012, 09:01 AM

jar59nh | Brake pads failing

Hi All,

What about throwing in a couple of countersunk brake rivets in the new pads?

Might save unnecessary replacements.

Just a thought,