N910W Panel for sale

05-15-2015, 03:38 PM

Robehouse | N910W Panel for sale

Howdy all. Last month I acquired N910W. I am in the process of several modifications including a new Glass panel. N910W (with less then 50 hrs) is a flying Seawind with a working panel. Next month I will be offering the (near complete) existing panel of N910W for sale as a whole panel intact minus the throttle quadrant, vent controls, cowl flap and heater controls. This panel was originally created by Aerotronics. The panel includes a EIS from Grand Rapids Tech (w IO540 probes and sensors), Garmin GPS 100, Bendix King KX 155 w/glide slope, KY 97A com, KT 76A transponder a AOA (not hooked up) a wing leveler?? and a stereo/CD player. The gages are all vacuum and include a near new engine driven vacuum pump. This panel can be view on Aerotronics web site under ‘Gallery - Seawind’.

I can be reached at 702 234-4737 (please leave a message as I don’t answer unless I recognize the calling number)

In the event of ‘No Interest’ the components and parts will be sold separately on E-bay the following month. Thank you,