Audio Frequency Noise from Strobes

09-27-2011, 10:12 AM

gderamel | Audio Frequency Noise from Strobes

Anyone had success fixing audio frequency noise from strobes? I've had a nagging noise feeding back into my audio system (Garmin GMA 340) - seems from my Wheeling strobes (A650?). Turn off the strobes and -presto - the noise disappears!

I called AeroLED about upgrading my strobes to their Pulsar-NS 90 hoping the low voltage lights might 'fix' the problem, but their tech-support person kindly cautioned that the older Garmin intercoms may be the actual culprit. He recommended a Crutchfield Noise Filter (Crutchfield PAC SNI-1/3.5 Noise Filter). Has anyone installed one... and solved the frequency noise? He guided me to a PDF which provides some additional info on the noise issue.

PS - Please, ONLY respond if you have ACTUAL EXPERIENCE with this problem. Too much filtering through old posts that bury the actual fix in between the nonsense. Thanks!


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