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Will Frost

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This note and the pictures below were received from Will's wife, Mary on July 28, 2005.   We thank Mary for sharing her thoughts with us.   Many members at the 2005 Seawind Splash-In commented on what a wonderful couple Will and Mary were and how much Will is missed.


Hello to All,

My thanks to the Seawind Community for your concern and support. Will and I had a wonderful life together and I am so thankful for the time we shared building N7117. It was lots of work, great fun, and she was beautiful!

Our loss is great, but I am so proud of the man Will was, the life he lived, all of the things he accomplished, and of his ability to bring the plane down without injury to anyone else. What is so sad is that we did the hard part right and it was something so simple that brought the dream
to an end.

Will loved flying and everything that came with it. He was a skilled and careful pilot and would be the first to say to the flying community, "I'm so sorry."

Please be careful. Don't take anything for granted. Help each other and fly safe.

Mary Frost

Will and Mary rear seat dreaming   Will and Mary front seat dreaming

Mary and Will Dreaming As Both Passenger and Pilot.   Feb and May, 2004

Will building cowling  Will & Mary constructing nose gear

            Will Constructing Cowling.   April 2004           Will And Mary Fabricating Nose Gear.  Dec, 2003

N7117 completed  N71117 taxiing

             N7117 Looking Pretty On The Ramp.         Will Taxis N7117 For Ground Testing.  June, 2005

Photos submitted by Mary Frost

On June 18, 2005 Will Frost perished while flying his Seawind.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary and the families of Will and Mary.   The loss is immense for them and the entire Seawind community.    A ceremony was help on June 25th with full military honors in Pequot Lake, Minnesota.    Will is soaring above us all now.


Received by ISPA: November 8, 2002

Will Frost sent the following note and photos to include in the registry. I am also including them here.

[We are] Presently working on the kit at Mike Bowes shop in Florida....we moved the plane there one year ago...Mary and I go every other month for two weeks and work on kit 117....with Mike and his staff advising and helping....we are getting a lot done.  I would like to think we are more than half way complete.

Will faring tail    Tail work    Sanding hull