Seawind Splash-In 2006

                                                             Sunday - July 30:  Arrive at DYT - on your own

                                                   Monday - July 31: 

                                                                   Early Birds Kick Tires

                                                        9:00 - Chris Doherty leads discussion on
                                                                   building topics - bring your questions
                                                                   and experiences - individual reports
                                                                   about "where you are" and what is
                                                                   "unique" about your build?

                                                      11:30 - Russ Kotlarek will demonstrate the
                                                                   Video Conferencing system some of the
                                                                   builders found helpful

                                                       12:00 - Deli Lunch at DYT

                                                         1:00 - Seawind inspections - show & tell -
                                                                    bring you camera

                                                         3:00 - First Seawind Flights (rides for
                                                                   folks who have not flown in a
                                                                   Seawind yet)

                                                         5:00 - Beach Cook-Out Party at DYT

                                                    Tuesday - August 1:

                                                                    Early Birds Kick Tires

                                                         9:00 - Pilot Testimonials
                                                                     - Larry Sapp
                                                                     - Keith Walljasper
                                                                     - open mike

                                                         9:30 - Jack Ardoyno - "Flying the Seawind Safely"    
                                                                     - preparing for and completing the first flight 
                                                                            - Earl Boeve
                                                                     - checklist essentials
                                                                     - the transition to water flying 
                                                                     - formation flying                                   

                                                       12:00 - Deli Lunch at DYT

                                                         1:00 - Revisit the Nose Wheel Steering
                                                                    - Keith Walljasper
                                                                    - Fred Lohr

                                                         5:00 - Dinner at Chad & Debbie Fey's (car pool)

Wednesday - August 2:

                                                     9:00 - Tour of Cirrus Plant at DLH - (possible & optional)

                                                   11:30 - Lunch at Grandma's at Canal Park

SPECIAL EVENT: Weather permitting the Seawind Fleet (everyone
                                         is invited) will depart Sky Harbor for TWO full days of flying Northern
                                         Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota.  Bring a sleeping bag and tent just in case.
                                         A tentative flight plan (negotiable) might be DYT-4R5-KASX-KIWD-KOGM-
                                         KCMX-KSAW-KESC-KMNM-3D2-KSUE-KEGV-KPKF-KHYR (JacksField)-
                                         KBRD-KBJI-KRRT-KINL-KCKC-and back to KDYT.  This would cover
                                         beautiful areas along the south shore of Lake Superior - Resort areas of
                                         Northern WI and then to Northern most MN returning along the Canadian
                                         Border and then the North Shore of Lake Superior on Friday afternoon.  WE
                                         should have plenty of room for folks who might like to ride along and this
"could be the start of something grand".  Nothing could be more fun than a
                                         fleet of Seawinders spending a couple of days FLYING together.