International Seawind Pilots Association

Seawind Splash-In

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Splash-In Overview

The Splash-In idea was originally conceived by Seawind , SNA to promote the Seawind and educate the Seawind community.  As Seawind turned their energies to certification of the Seawind 300C the Splash-In was turned over to ISPA members.   Splash-In's have been held at Manteo, NC,  Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec,  Sarasota, FL, Duluth, MN, and Stevensville,MD.  The event for 2009 is planned for Warren Field (OCW) October 2,3,4, & 5. KOCW.

All events have been well received by all who attended and the focus now is on education and methods to improve on the safe operation and building of this amazing amphibious aircraft.  The Splash-In is open to all, not just ISPA members and Seawind owners.   Come join us in North Carolina this October (2009)   for an enjoyable and educational Seawind experience.  Click the links below to view each years festivities.


This year's 2009 Splash-In will be held on October 2,3,4,5. The agenda can be seen at this link: 2009 Splash-In agenda

If you haven't made a Splash-In, you and your Seawind (or Seawind to be) deserve the educational opportunities and great times that you will find at our Splash-In's.