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A Brief History About Seawind Racing
in the AirVenture Cup

Each year, the Experimental Aircraft Association and several other sponsors stage the "AirVenture Cup Race." Read more about this historic race at the EAA Website.

In 2001, Art Culver entered his Seawind in the race for the first time. Since there was not a category that fit the Seawind class of airplane, Art had to race in the "Sport" category which included all of the super hot, fast, 300 HP planes such as Glasairs, Lancairs, etc. Because of several fortuitous events, and to everyone's surprise, Art took third place in the 2001 AirVenture cup race!

In 2002, at Art's encouragement, two additional ISPA members entered their Seawinds in the race. This resulted in the race officials developing a separate category, "Sea Sport Airplane," that more closely matches the Seawind characteristics. In fact, since no other amphibious airplane even comes close to the Seawind, we expect that Seawind will RULE this category in all of the foreseeable future AirVenture races.

Art (and especially our organization) would like to see more participation by Seawind owners in the AirVenture Cup race. Entrants are treated like royalty and enjoy some great benefits at the annual AirVenture event in Oshkosh Wisconsin. If any of you have questions, or want information about entering next years AirVenture Cup race, Art has agreed to help. He can be reached by phone at 252-535-5353, or e-mail here.

A brief write-up about each of the entrants can be seen at the links above (or below this paragraph, or at the bottom of this page). Take a look and see how our members are participating in this exciting facet of Seawind ownership.

Art & Ken Culver Keith & Brian W. Mike & Jody Bowes George & Joan O.

Also check out the photo of Mike and Jody Bowes beautiful Seawind, N369JB, below. This air to air photo was taken a couple of days after the race at Oshkosh while the Bowes still had the race decals on their Seawind. Also see other photos from this photo session in the Photos portion of our site.

Home Art & Ken Culver Keith & Brian W. Mike & Jody Bowes George & Joan O.