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The following photos were received from Leon and Jacky Pecshe December 18, 2002. Thank you Leon and Jacky.

Leo has had considerable dialog going with SNA about the wing aft spar attach details. The following photos reflect Leo's resolution. (Please note, these photos are shown full size, so unlike many of the photos on this site, they cannot be enlarged by clicking on them)

Leo's aileron bell crank details. And, headlights! His approach for studying the builder manual:

The following is a letter, and some photos that Leon Pesche sent to SNA. He has requested that I post it here as well.

Received by ISPA: October 19, 2002.

Hello Paul,

Some photos with some questions.

If you look at the pictures attached, some parts did not come out according to the drawings!

Can I build them in the way they are now?
Awaiting your answer, have a nice day, Leon

[editor's note: I have just included all of Leon's pictures showing his referenced differences below. You can view the full size image by clicking on the thumbnails below. If you have comments you may want to email Len directly at Leon's e-mail]

leon1.jpg (61376 bytes)    leon2.jpg (60576 bytes)    leon3.jpg (64426 bytes)
Left hand non-return fuel flaps at rib B. Nylon rod 1/2" dia. Thread where fuel strainer is supposed to go in.

leon4.jpg (64585 bytes)

Both tanks I checked with 11inch water level air pressure. They both did not keep the pressure for the required book time.
LH wing I found a leak.
RH wing I did not find a leak although it did not keep the pressure for 24 hours!

leon060.jpg (62100 bytes)    leon5.jpg (55400 bytes)    leon6.jpg (60047 bytes)
leon051.jpg (57343 bytes)    leon052.jpg (59237 bytes)    leon058.jpg (62893 bytes)
leon059.jpg (64365 bytes)        leon053.jpg (59937 bytes)    leon054.jpg (58229 bytes)


Here's a letter and a several pictures from Capt. Leon Pesche. (click on the pictures for large versions)

Received by ISPA: Summer, 2002.

Hello Seawinder builders,

Pictures can explain better some times than words!? Here I send you all I took with my SW(Sn.72)
MLG a. NLG. I also filmed certain phases on video, but on PAL instead of NTSC. If you have any
questions, you have my Email address. You may publish any of those which can help solving
questions. Only the day my SW will fly; I'm thinking of making some proper technical drawings with
accurate measurements. Now it takes too much time. I'm a very slow worker.
 Wing.jpg (24402 bytes)

Questions about flap and Aileron alignment. (my pre-last picture)
Flap.jpg (29042 bytes)

QUIZ: WHAT"S THIS? (my last picture)
Mystery.jpg (18140 bytes)
Have Fun with your FAIRYTALES,

Jacky a. Leon

Leon included the following pictures with his letter.

SW MLG axel and bushing in.JPG (22773 bytes)    SW main gear legs straightness.JPG (26453 bytes)    SW MLG AXEL CHECK.JPG (116027 bytes)    SW MLG axel drilling fr. inside 2.JPG (42706 bytes)    SW MLG axel drilling fr. inside 3.JPG (37377 bytes)

SW MLG axel drilling fr. inside.JPG (34500 bytes)    SW MLG axel drilling fr.outside 2.JPG (27365 bytes)    SW MLG axel drilling.JPG (29766 bytes)    SW MLG axel predrilling.JPG (38222 bytes)

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