International Seawind Pilots Association

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 Bay Bridge Airport 2008 Splash-In.  Photo / Update by Mike

Upcoming Events

Have your event listed below! Please email the editor2 and we'll include it.


Summer 2009

The annual Seawind splash-in is essential to those of us who are building and flying a Seawind.  This year the annual Seawind SPLASH-IN SOUTH EAST 2009 will be held at Warren Field (OCW) In North Carolina on October 2,3,4, & 5 (no rain date).  

This is the premier seawind aviation event in the world and a must for the Seawind homebuilder.   Hopefully we will see many Seawinds and builders in attendance. All those interested should log into the new forum or contact Tom.

Refer to the Seawind Splash-In page for more details.


Summer 2010

To be announced... 

All interested parties; builders, flyers and Seawind wannabees are welcome to attend.     There is a possibility of TWO full days of flying in Seawinds durning the Splash-in.   Refer to the Seawind Splash-In page for more details.


A multitude of seaplane related events can be found at the Seaplane Pilots Association website. Check it out.